Cleaning Supplies and Behavioral Aids

BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded Vacuum

The V-shape of the vacuum's base helps you capture both large debris and fine particles without the use of a brush roll and pet owners know it's no fun pulling pet fur out of a brush roll. The vacuum?s V-shaped wipers are made of hair-attracting rubber material and help collect more pet hair than suction alone, though the suction is great. Also, the shape of the base allows for easy cleaning along furniture legs, along baseboards and in tight places.

ChomChom Roller Dog Hair, Cat Hair, Pet Hair Remover

This is a new find and it's wonderful! Especially having multiple animals, there seems to be hair everywhere all the time. I used to go through sheet after sheet with the lint roller and while a latex glove does wonders it doesn't actually gather the hair. This ChomChom Roller is zero waste, gathers the hair to be dumped in the trash later, and it does a great job picking up the hair!

Skout's Honor Professional Strength Urine & Odor Destroyer

All Skout's Honor products are manufactured under the California Green Chemistry initiative. They are non-toxic, rapidly biodegradable, eco-friendly, and free of hard chemicals, chlorine, and formaldehyde, making them safe to use around your pets, family, and home. Plus, their products are backed by Skout's Paw Pledge: they will donate one day's worth of food to an animal in need for every purchase made.

Ceva Feliway Spray

Feliway Classic Spray offers calming on-the-go and additional support at home. Makes travel and visits to the vet less stressful. Allows convenient and targeted management of the areas marked by your cat with urine or scratching in your home.

Nature's Miracle Advanced Cat Stain and Odor Eliminator

I love Nature's Miracle for cleaning up pet messes, especially cat urine. The bio-enzymatic formula really does take care of the smell and, therefore, helps prevent future issues in the area.

UV Flashlight Pet Urine Detector

If you're having trouble with a sprayer and can't seem to get rid of the smell, sometimes you need help finding spots you didn't know about. This is an affordable kit that will illuminate the messes.

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