Pet Illustrations

Olive & Rye Cat Art

Laura S. Kicey is an artist, photographer, and crazy cat lady based near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Olive & Rye are two girl cats rescued by Philly PAWS in 2014 and adopted by Laura and her boyfriend in August of the same year.


Creating art, one cat at a time. Custom Digital Logos, Portraits & Folk-Styled Art of your Kitties and Pets.

Claudia Selene

Photo realistic pet portraiture.

Ivan Hoo Art

Mimandarina Custom Portraits - Irene Bofill Garcia

Custom pet portraits, cats, dogs, kittens, puppies, birds, ferrets, horses... Whimsical, cute, sweet and funny illustrations, original gifts for pet lovers.

Art from the Box

Fundraising for Foster homes! In her ideal world, every abandoned kitten or a cat gets a forever home, where they are loved and most important, happy. Therefore, her mission is to draw cats and help those who foster them, so that every feline orphan gets a second chance. By selling her products, she is trying to raise money for local foster homes and animal shelters.

Chris McLellan Art Miniatures

Beautiful, miniature pet portraits.

Clockwork Art - Braden Duncan

I love painting animals. I grew up with a menagerie, and I have always been fascinated by the colours & textures of feathers & fur and the fun little quirks that make each creature unique. My favourite muse is my little black Diesel kitten. Being adorable is her job, and she takes it very seriously. Painting my own kitty inspired me to start painting pets for friends and family as well; through Clockwork Art I now have the pleasure of painting animals from all over the world!

Jennifer Gennari

PetToonz Pet Portraits - Tim

Professional portraits of your special pet friends. Perfect for your home or gift for a friend. Each portrait is unique & professionally illustrated by hand with Adobe Illustrator software.

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