Subscription Boxes

The first of its kind, this subscription box is not for kitty but for kitty's mom! Though you do have the option to add in a couple of toys so kitty doesn't feel left out.

Cat Lady Box

meowbox is a cat subscription box full of surprises, delivered to your door every month. Your meowbox is brimming with yummy cat treats and fun cat toys, specially selected for quality and uniqueness, to cater to your cat?s discriminating taste.


The Chubby Cat Box is a surprise box for cat lovers and their four-legged friends. It contains 2-3 surprise items for cat lovers (e.g. decoration, accessories, jewelry, fashion, artwork etc.) and 2-3 great gifts for their four-legged friends (e.g. toys, accessories, snacks [optional] etc.)! No subscription required!

Chubby Cat Box

Monthly box filled with goodies for cats AND cat lovers. Unique & stylish cat-themed gifts, housewares, treats, toys, etc.

The Cat Kit

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