Pets and Humans


At PetsEmpower, we help find short-term fostering for pets of domestic violence survivors to save lives and keep people with their pets.

Animal Welfare Institute Safe Havens

The entities included in this listing either provide sheltering services for the companion animals of domestic violence victims, have a relationship with an entity that does, or provide referrals to such facilities.

The Pet Effect

There's something mysterious between us and our pets. It's more than love and loyalty: every year, scientists learn more about the effect pets have on our own physiology. From slowing down our heart rates to preventing heart disease, allergies and depression, The Pet Effect is real.

Ahmisa House

Ahimsa House is dedicated to addressing the link between domestic violence and animal cruelty. We offer services and assistance to victims of domestic violence with pets in Georgia and work to raise awareness of this connection in communities throughout the state.

Go Fetch Wellness

This one may seem dog specific at first glance, but it is actually about the ability of any animal to benefit our mental health. Go Fetch Wellness introduces the healing capabilities of the human-animal bond to assist individuals on their journey to mental wellness. They set up "dog wellness teams" across the country to integrate a dog, or other animal, into one's mental health treatment.

PEP! - Pet Education Project

We make pet care fun and rewarding for kids! It is our goal to make humane education accessible to kids and educators worldwide! Our goal is to build lasting bonds in efforts to reduce the number of pets neglected, abused, and euthanized annually. We offer programs including our PEP! Talks (FREE classroom presentations), PEP Squad youth club, and Kid Friendly shelter program that trains and provides tools for humane education initiatives. Coming Winter 2018, we are launching our own PEP! app, which will be a kid safe social network and education platform that rewards kids for taking care of their pets!

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