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Hunter's Haven for Cats is dedicated to the memory of little Hunter, a kitten Jessica took in as a foster in the summer of 2016. Hunter was just four weeks old when he arrived at the Barrow County Animal Control shelter with an injured rear leg that needed to be amputated. Circle of Friends Animal Society quickly rescued Hunter and rushed him to Bates Animal Hospital where Dr. Hunter Bates, Hunter's namesake, performed the surgery. He grew and thrived for about a month before he tragically succumbed to the feline panleukopenia virus.


In his short life, and even shorter time with Jessica, he made a huge impact with his big personality and fearless take on life. Nothing slowed him down! Hunter's death, and the deaths of countless other cats and kittens who never had a chance, give Jessica an even stronger drive to help cats in need.


Hunter's Haven will be focused on education outreach and rescuing the cats that are often overlooked because of "special needs," age, or even color.

A refuge for exceptional cats.