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In the "Mews"

Read up on cat related news and learn more about the world of your feline friends, locally and nationally.

Local "Mews"

The Athens-Clarke County Mayor and Commission moved forward on animal control reforms, extended a moratorium on scooters and approved measures dependent on Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax 2020 funds at a marathon meeting on Oct. 1.

Spencer Donovan

The Red & Black

Athens commission approves affordable housing, moves animal control to new department

More than 50 animal advocates attended a town hall meeting hosted by Athens-Clarke County District 5 Commissioner Tim Denson on the evening of Sept. 25 to discuss the past, present, and future of ACC Animal Control.

Lorna Ramage

The Red & Black

Athens officials hear concerns regarding animal shelter controversy at town hall

From concerns of poor conditions to allegations of publishing misleading information, local animal advocates have repeatedly called for Athens-Clarke County to take a closer look at the ACC Animal Control Shelter over the last four months.

Spencer Donovan & Lorna Ramage

The Red & Black

Animal advocates optimistic about change at Athens Animal Control Shelter

David Fluck, director of Athens-Clarke County’s Central Services Department, resigned last week at the request of Manager Blaine Williams.

Blake Aued


ACC Animal Control Supervisor Resigns After Scandals

The official who oversaw operations at the embattled Athens-Clarke County Animal Control Division was forced to resign this week, according to an announcement Thursday by County Manager Blaine Williams.

Joe Johnson

Classic City News

Head of embattled Athens-Clarke Animal Control forced to resign

An Athens-Clarke County Commission committee wants a performance audit of the county’s troubled animal shelter.

Lee Shearer

Athens Banner-Herald

Athens-Clarke commissioners push for animal control audit

Another fatal virus has hit the Athens-Clarke County Animal Control, resulting in three stray puppies being euthanized this month due to cases of contagious parvovirus.

Lorna Ramage

The Red & Black

Athens animal shelter dog section under quarantine for virus exposure, community calls for better management

Athens-Clarke County Animal Control’s dog pound was put under quarantine and closed last week by an inspector with the Georgia Department of Agriculture, which oversees the state’s animal shelters.

Dan Jackson


State Quarantines ACC Dog Shelter After Parvo Outbreak

The Athens-Clarke County animal shelter’s dog area has been placed under a two-week quarantine due to the apparent presence of a virus that was introduced to the facility by a litter of puppies that was taken in last week, the county announced in a Wednesday morning media release.

Joe Johnson

Classic City News

Virus prompts quarantine of Athens animal shelter's dog area

Officials have put the Athens-Clarke County Animal Shelter’s dog area under quarantine until Sept. 16 after three puppies in the shelter tested positive for a highly contagious disease called canine parvovirus.

Lee Shearer

Athens Banner-Herald

Athens-Clarke dog shelter quarantined for parvovirus

National "Mews"

"Dog people" and "cat people" have long debated which pet is better. A new study is putting one preconceived notion about stand-offish felines to bed.

Caitlin O'Kane

CBS News

Cats actually do get attached to their owners, study says

In the perennial battle over dogs and cats, there’s a clear public relations winner. Dogs are man’s best friend.

Rachel Nuwer

The New York Times

Cats Like People! (Some People, Anyway)

Some cats may seem a little more aloof than dogs, but they respond to the people they've bonded with in a similar way, according to a new study.

Ashley Strickland


Yes, cats really do bond with people, study says, even if they don't always show it

Erin Shibley and Chirag Rathod are parents to Miko the cat. "Miko Angelo. Miko Angelo's his full name. Miko for short," Rathod says.

Robbie Harris


For Fat Cats, The Struggle Is Real When It Comes To Losing Weight And Keeping It Off

Have you ever wondered whether your cat is ignoring you because it doesn't understand its name? Several researchers from Japan did, so they tried to get to the bottom of it.

Allen Kim


Cats understand their names and are probably just choosing to ignore you, a study suggests

Cats do a lot of weird things. One of the biggies is eating grass, often to throw it up just a few minutes later.

David Shultz

Science Magazine

Mystery solved? Why cats eat grass

New York on Monday became the first state in the country to ban cat declawing, a practice that animal advocates consider cruel and unnecessary.

Elisha Brown

The New York Times

New York State Bans Cat Declawing

Cats in New York are free to scale couches, window screens and curtains with their claws unclipped.

Scottie Andrew and Brian Ries


New York just banned cat declawing. It's the first state to outlaw the procedure

On a cool, partly cloudy day in October 2017, Malaya Fletcher was about to go hiking near a cabin in Pennsylvania. The only thing left to do was to get her cat, Copurrnicus, into his harness.

Wudan Yan

The New York Times

Does Fluffy Really Want to Be an Adventure Cat?

Paul Santell spends at least 30 hours each week feeding and trapping stray cats throughout New York City's boroughs.

Meghan Dunn


Meet Instagram's Paul the Cat Guy